About Us

As players and as parents, we’ve long seen sport specific facilities built in the Okanagan designed exclusively for athletes to grow, develop, and excel all under one roof.  For years however, the glaring omission has been a facility designed with baseball in mind. 

For years, indoor practices have occurred at a location usually designed for another sport while finding hitting space indoors has been limited both in availability, space, or technology.  It’s hard to imagine that in a city with collegiate, summer collegiate, high performance, and youth baseball programs that the Okanagan has waited as long as they have for a dedicated facility designed for baseball players, by baseball players.

Finally, all those needs have been addressed – with the opening of The Yardhouse.

The Yardhouse consists of four 70ft retractable batting cages,  two mound bullpen area, a full-service gym, and over 4800 square feet of fielding space.  Our cages are equipped with state-of-the-art training equipment, as well as Iron Mike pitching machine, Triple Play Ultra pitching machine, and Hittrax - baseball's most advanced simulator and data centre, used by many MLB and college programs.

Further, our player's lounge includes a kitchen and designated study areas, allowing players to visit our facility while balancing academics and athletics.

Our facility encourages membership, as our mandate is to allow players to feel included and welcomed in our facility.  That means access to hit, workout, socialise, and study - all in one location.

Welcome to The Yardhouse. 

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2-360 Spedding Court | Kelowna, BC | V1X 7K9 | 250-763-3959 theyardhousebaseball@gmail.com

Hours of Operation - Monday to Friday 3:00pm to 9:00pm - Saturday & Sunday 1:00pm to 6:00pm