co-ed division

1. Lineups must consist of a minimum of 5 players and a maximum of 6 players. There must be a minimum of two females in the lineup.  Substitutions permitted and unlimited re-entry in the same position in the batting order.  Rosters are limited at 10 players.

2. The opposing team must provide a feeder for the pitching machine.

3. Any ball that doesn’t register on the HitTrax screen will be a re-pitch.

4. All softballs will be the same size for each player.

5. No outside liquor containers can be present within the facility.  This will result in removal from the league.  

6. All new players must sign a waiver upon their first visit to the facility.   

7. Home run rule is 2+1.  Each team may hit two homeruns and after that, may not lead by more than one home run at any time.  Any homeruns outside this rule will be recorded as an out.  

8. Yardhouse staff will be on duty to adjust balls and strikes or any other HitTrax related functions that arise from casual use.

9. 6 run limit per inning, open inning in the 7th.  No mercy rule.

10. Games are 7 innings – 45 minute time limit. 10 minute break in between games.

11. Rosters and fees must be submitted prior to first game. Any players not on the roster will be ineligible for playoffs.

12. Playoffs will consist of 16 team bracket over two days.  Playoff series will be best of 3.  

13. Standings, schedule, scores, and statistics will be available on our website and updated weekly.  Standings tiebreakers will be head-to-head record, then offensive runs for, then a coin toss.


14. This is fun and we are dedicated to making the experience a positive one.  Any feedback is welcomed.


2019 Fall Co-Ed Champions - HIT AND SIT

2020 Winter Co-Ed Champions - RAMPAGE